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  • 1 pdf You Came Unto Me
    You hold in your hands the key to a great treasure box. Inside the box is gold, silver, and precious jewels. The box in which these treasures are contained is rather unusual--not really very appealing. It is surrounded by razor wire, electrified fences, and armed guard towers. But inside there is great treasure . . . men and women, precious to God, who are waiting for YOU.
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  • 2 pdf Prison Prayer Manual
    Prison populations grow larger and larger. Often, people come out of prison worse than when they went in. Many commit additional offenses, return to prison, and get stuck in the cycle of recidivism, the "revolving door" of crime, prison, and release. Some inmates are truly innocent, yet they are trapped for years by the bureaucracy of the criminal system.
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  • 3 pdf PrisonerOfThe Lord_SUP
    This is a book for those doing time in jail or prison-- whether short or lengthy sentences, life without parole, or on death row. It is for inmates, with portions written by and about inmates--people just like you, some of whom have previously been where you are, and others who are presently incarcerated as you are right now.
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