TV’s For Philippines Schools

Living Truth Ministries is proud to announce that we are now in the public schools of the Philippines. What a great joy it is to be part of God’s team to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our young people of the Philippines. I want to thank The Principle at  Sudlon Elementary School in Cebu City, Philippines for allowing LTM into their schools and for allowing us to work together with them to help educate these wonderful children mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

Special Thanks

I would also like to thank Ronelyn Bellita Arong who is a teacher at Sudlon Elementary School. Not only is she educating the children so they can have a better and brighter future, but she is teaching these young people about God saving grace and showing these children the path to eternal life.

To Principle MaryJean C Tagab of Sudlon Elementary School for allowing LTM to be a part for their school and for allowing LTM to teach about Jesus Christ and about all the great people of the bible.

Here is how it works

We buy TV’s for schools in the Philippines for their educational uses, and in return they allow LTM to teach the children who wish to attend this class after school about Jesus Christ and His saving grace.

Below are a few pictures of the Student at Sudlon Elementary School and their new TV that the LTM purchased for the school.

We give God all the glory and praises. Thank you, Lord, for helping us, and for supplying our need to get his message out.

Would you like to help us get this great ministry tool into the hands of schools and of Godly teachers to teach the next generation about Jesus Christ and His saving grace, and about the men and women of of the Bible? Here is your chance to be a big part of this ministry. Just click on any Pay Pal donation button and give what you feel led to give. Your gift will go to help supply the TV’s, feed the hungry and give medical aid to the sick and hurting.

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