A Prayer Warrior’s Commitment.

A Prayer Warrior’s Commitment.      

 I will pray Gods will be done on earth as in heaven.

I will pray His will be done in your life as well as mine.

I will pray for your salvation.

I will pray for those who are sick and hurting.

I pray for those who are addicted.

I pray for marriage restoration.

I pray for the Healing of our bodies and the healing of our nation.

I will pray for my country.

I will pray for my President.

I will pray for the leadership of my country.

I will pray for Israel.

I will pray for my church.

I will pray for my pastor.

I will pray and fight against the demons of hell, so you can live a victorious life.

I will pray on your behalf when you are weak until you are strong.

I am a “Prayer Warrior” I will pray with you and for you day or night without one complaint.

I am a “Prayer Warrior” When called upon I stop whatever I am doing and I will pray.

I am a “Prayer Warrior” I will Pray all night and I will pray all day until God answers.

I am a “Prayer Warrior” I kneel and pray, I walk and pray, I work and pray.

I am a “Prayer Warrior” I am grounded in God’s Word, because I use it to fight against different situations, and I use the Word of God to fight against Satan and his demons.

You have a problem and need prayer “Ask Me” and we will pray together right here, and right now. All Because…

                                                                                                           I AM A PRAYER WARRIOR

It is a very good feeling to know that God hears the prayers of the saints and to know that when you lift your voice in prayer with your fellow prayer warriors that God is listening and he is answering. When you lift your voice up in prayer for the needs of others it is a great feeling to know that you are helping that mother who lost her child, a sick baby is on the road to recovery, a marriage has been saved, a soul has been won for Christ, that cancer has been removed and God restored that person back to health. The list can go on and on, but it happens every day because of the voices of the Prayer Warriors are reaching out to God day and night.

Prayer Warriors have seen nations turn to God, Churches being blessed spiritually, Pastors taking control of their churches and seeing to the spiritual and physical needs of his flock. Prayer Warriors have seen miracles after miracles take place in peoples lives and change the lives of many that only God can do.

It is a great feeling to know that because you obeyed and became a prayer warrior that God is working through you to reach out to the hurting and dying world.