DIVINE DESTINY Daily Devotional Guide II

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  • 1 pdf July
    During the past few months, you have been on a quest to eliminate hindrances that will prevent you from fulfilling your divine destiny. You have learned strategies for dealing with disobedience, the tongue, the mind, the world, the flesh, and the devil--all problems that resulted in Israel forfeiting their Promised Land. Because of these unresolved issues, Israel rebelled against God and was relegated back to the wilderness. After forty years of wandering and the death of the generation that refused to enter in, a new generation returned to the border of their inheritance. This time they did not question. They did not fear. They did not rebel. This time, they achieved their divine destiny.
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  • 2 pdf August
    In Joshua chapter 5, God told Israel that the manna He had supplied for them in the wilderness would cease. God had provided for His people on one level the manna level which had lasted throughout the forty years of their wilderness journey. Now it was time for Israel to move to a new level of supernatural provision. They would eat the fruit of their Promised Land: And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land; neither had the children of Israel manna any more; but they did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year.
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  • 3 pdf September
    Occasional defeats in spiritual battles are not failures. They are temporary setbacks. Consider the record of Bible characters such as... -Sampson, who was a womanizer. -David who had an illicit affair and orchestrated a murder. -Elijah, who at one point seemed suicidal. -Jonah, who ran from God. -Peter, who denied Christ. -The disciples who deserted Christ at the time of His greatest need. ...Yet each of these men and women were restored to faith and mightily used by God. Along the journey to divine destiny, you may experience defeats. You may also suffer major setbacks that are perceived to be failures. In reality, you never truly fail until you stop trying, every setback can be turned into a comeback, and there is no defeat so great that you cannot return to God.
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  • 4 pdf October
    In Joshua chapter 9 we have an account of a major deception perpetrated by the enemy against God’s chosen people, Israel. Prior to entering the Promised Land, Israel was warned to eliminate all of the evil heathen nations that resided there. When news of what happened at Jericho and Ai spread throughout the land, one group of residents--the Gibeonites--came up with a deceptive plan to protect themselves:
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  • 5 pdf November
    Other than the military defeat at Ai which was caused by sin, the people of Israel were victorious in every battle as they conquered their Promised Land. The enemy nations of Canaan had no power over them. God gave Israel divine strategies for penetrating enemy lines and defeating their foes–and that is exactly what God wants to do for you. This month, you will study military strategies employed by Israel in their battles in Canaan and apply these principles spiritually.
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  • 6 pdf December
    In Numbers Chapter 13 & Chapter 14 when Israel came to the border of Canaan but refused to enter in because of unbelief, two men emerged as powerful spiritual warriors. One was Joshua, the man who was destined to succeed Moses as the leader of God’s people, Israel. The other was a young man named Caleb. When the other ten spies discouraged Israel from entering Canaan because of the powerful enemy forces that lived there, Joshua and Caleb tried to encourage the people to advance as God had instructed
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