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    Your life has both a destination and a destiny. A destination is a place where you are going. As a believer, your final destination is Heaven where you will spend eternity in the presence of God. A destiny is the purpose for which you were created. It is the predetermined plan which you were destined by God to fulfill.
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  • 2 pdf January
    As we pause to reflect on the coming days of this year, we are much like God’s people, Israel, who came to the border of their Promised Land. Ahead of them lay a land they had not seen and unknown enemies. The same is true for you. You stand at the threshold of a brand new year. Ahead of you lies the unknown. What new challenges will you face this year? What victories await you? What changes will occur throughout the world? How will your personal life, your ministry, and your family be impacted in the coming months?
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  • 3 pdf February
    We are tracing the footsteps of the nation of Israel from its inception to their arrival in their Promised Land, learning from their experiences and applying vital principles to our own journey of destiny. During the month of January we walked in the footsteps of Abraham, the spiritual father of the nation of Israel. We learned how his vision was birthed and the foundational promises upon which that vision rested, applying the truths we learned to our own lives.
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  • 4 pdf March
    In January and February, we traced Israel's journey of destiny from its inception through the lives of the fathers of their faith--Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We also walked in the footsteps of Joseph who saved the world from a great famine and Moses who delivered God's people from slavery. This month, we find Israel at a crossroads of spiritual destiny. They are standing at the border of their Promised Land, their God-given destiny. Sadly, they do not advance into the land to secure it. Instead, they turn back into the wilderness where they wander around for forty long years. With the exception of Moses, Joshua, and Caleb, all of that generation dies, and a new generation is raised up and prepared to inherit God's promises.
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  • 5 pdf April
    We are eliminating major obstacles that will hinder you from reaching your destiny. Last month you learned how the words you speak can lead to unbelief, fear, and disobedience and abort your divine destiny. During April, we will spend the entire month focusing on one huge obstacle--the major battlefield where most spiritual attacks occur--your mind and heart. Your victory in all the other areas of spiritual warfare depends on the outcome of this battle.
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  • 6 pdf May
    We are on a journey of destiny. To reach our destination, we must eliminate major obstacles which block the fulfillment of God’s promises and provision in our lives. We must defeat the enemies of destiny. These enemies are barriers that are as formidable today as they were to the nation of Israel as they stood at the border of their Promised Land. During the month of March, you learned about the peril of disobedience and how the words you speak can affect your destiny. Last month--April--you studied about the major battlefield of the heart and mind. This month's devotions focus on the hindrances of the world, the flesh, and the devil.
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  • 7 pdf June
    We have traced the history of God's people, Israel, from their inception, through their early years as a nation, through the years of slavery, to the border of their promised land of Canaan. For the past few months we have meditated on the hindrances that prevented them from taking possession of God's promises, including their words which generated doubt and disobedience; their negative mindset; and the hindrances of the world, the flesh, and the devil.
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