Welcome to LTBC (Living Truth Bible College) where you can study Gods Word and increase in knowledge and grow spiritually.

LTBC is Part of Living Truth Ministries (LTM) and it is our policy to never sell anything that will help you to grow spiritually; this is why we offer our 2 year bible college courses free. These courses are non credited courses.

Everyone is welcome to use our material for education, teaching, sharing, in your churches or home. For the sake of God’s Kingdom, we allow you to use all our material free of charge.

Please keep in mind, our courses were donated to LTM and LTBC by Harvestime International Network, and are copyrighted by Harvestime International Network. We do ask that you respect our copyright policy on all of our material. We also ask the same respect for Dr. J Vernon McGee’s material. We prohibit any distribution of our material to telemarketers, or using any of our material for profit. We also require written permission to duplicate, distribute or copy any material from LTM, LTBC, Dr J Vernon McGee’s Through The Bible Broadcast network, and Harvestime International Network.

We Hope you will enjoy these courses and grow in knowledge in the word of God.

Keep LTBC in your prayers.

Thank you and God Bless You!

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