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  • 1 pdf Kingdom Living
    All men live in a natural kingdom of this world. They live in a city or village which is part of a nation. That nation is a kingdom of the world. In addition to the natural kingdoms of this world there are two spiritual kingdoms which exist. Every person alive is a resident of one of these two kingdoms: The kingdom of Satan or the Kingdom of God. This course concerns the Kingdom of God. It introduces the two spiritual kingdoms, their rulers, and residents. It provides spiritual keys for gaining access to the Kingdom of God and warns of things which result in being cast out of the Kingdom. The past, present, and future of this Kingdom are examined, Kingdom parables are explained, and its patterns and principles of living are stressed.
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  • 2 pdf Knowing Gods Voice
    "What is God's will for me?" This question is perhaps the one most often asked by believers. It is also a question that frequently confronts Christian leaders as men and women turn to them for guidance in decision making. In everyday situations of life, believers are constantly making choices which determine whether or not they will do the perfect will of God. It is essential to know God's voice, understand His will, and make right decisions each day. It is im
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  • 3 pdf Leaven Like Evangelism
    Over a thousand people groups have never been penetrated for the Lord Jesus Christ. -Many tribes have never received their first missionary. -There are approximately 1,700 languages without the written Word of God. -The world's population will double in less than 50 years. When we think of statistics like these in terms of fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to take the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to every creature, we realize we are faced with a great task. This course is written to mobilize and equip believers to fulfill this great challenge. It is a tremendous task, but it is not impossible. Most courses on evangelism focus only on the command to "go" into all the world with the Gospel. They emphasize preaching and teaching the Gospel message. This course differs because it also focuses on what Jesus said to do "as you go" and the New Testament Church pattern of what to do "while you are there." The course is divided into three sections:
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  • 4 pdf Mobilization
    To "mobilize" means to "put in a state of readiness for active service, to use one's energies for action.” A "methodology" is a system of "methods,” a clearly defined way of accomplishing a plan or vision. Worldly strategies of motivation focus on manipulation of people and other resources for the purpose of greed and selfish gain. To "motivate" others, appeals are centered on things pleasing to the flesh or achieved by guilt, pressure, and force. Mobilization differs, in that it is grounded in Biblical principles and the motivation comes from God rather than man. Mobilization results from the sovereign touch of God rather than cheap emotional appeals to the flesh. In this course you will learn the difference between mobilization and manipulation. You will study the Biblical basis of mobilization and learn how the fire, glory, and worship of God are involved in mobilizing God's people. You will study Biblical principles of revival and learn their importance in maintaining the motivation necessary for achieving spiritual vision.
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  • 5 pdf Manage by Objectives
    "Management By Objectives" is a method for conducting Christian ministry in an orderly, effective manner. It is not enough to just know God's will for your life and ministry. You must make definite plans to fulfill your spiritual calling. You must learn to work with God to fulfill His purpose and plans. A serious problem with many Christian leaders is that of organizing and managing spiritual resources God has given them. If laborers for spiritual harvest are few, as the Bible indicates, then they should be effectively organized and managed
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