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  • 1 pdf Altar Counselors Guide
    Serving as an altar counselor can be an exciting and rewarding spiritual experience: You have the opportunity to "reap" spiritual fruit for the Kingdom of God. As a minister shares God's Word, he is actually "sowing" it in the hearts of those who listen. At the conclusion of the service when he provides opportunity for listeners to respond to his challenge, a great spiritual "harvest" is ready to be reaped. As an altar worker, you serve as a counselor to those who respond to the altar call made by the minister. You are working with the minister to "reap" the spiritual fruit of men, women, boys, and girls who have received and acted upon the Word of God.
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  • 2 pdf Prophecy Course
    In a world shattered by terrorism, wars, famines, and natural disasters, people everywhere are greatly concerned about the future... ...What lies ahead for this world? ...What does the future hold for me as a child of God? ...How can I properly prepare to face the future? The good news is that you do not have to be fearful about the future because God has a divine plan He is working out in this world. Nothing can alter it. Nothing can abort it. You do not have to be confused about the future because through this study you will receive the keys to understanding biblical prophecy as you study the New Testament book of Revelation. This study is an exciting spiritual journey into the future. On the island of Patmos, John didn't receive a dry, dead, theological explanation of future events. He received a powerful, dynamic, life-changing prophetic revelation. He received a revelation of Christ in all His glory, he saw into the throne room of Heaven, and he received a supernatural unveiling of God’s endtime plan. You will receive the same exciting revelation as you study this manual.
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  • 3 pdf Strategic Spiritual Warfare
    If you were to select one word to describe your daily life, what would it be? Routine? Boring? Stressful? Pleasurable? For many of us, perhaps the first word that comes to mind is "struggle", or a similar adjective. Often, life seems to be a daily battle against discouragement, disappointment, and depression. We wrestle against a maze of difficult circumstances that may include a broken home, failing relationships, poor health, or diminishing finances. Sometimes, in the midst of this battle of daily living, we feel we are all alone and that no other "mature" believers seem to have such problems
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  • 4 pdf The Covenant of Abraham
    “Get up. Leave your country, your kindred, and your father’s house,” God commanded Abraham. An aging man, walking alone beneath the stars--God speaks to him again and says, “Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if you are able to number them. I will make you a great nation, a blessing, the father of many.” Over the years, additional revelations from God and more powerful promises. A great story–but much more than a story. More than a historical record of the birth of the nation of Israel. More than the story of one man. It is the story of a divine covenant–the supernatural promises of God–intended to pass from generation to generation, down through the centuries. What is the true message conveyed through the story of Abraham and the promises God gave him? What is the significance? How do these promises impact believers today? Do they affect your destiny, and if so how? How is your life intricately entwined with the story of this aging patriarch?
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  • 5 pdf What To Do
    A hazy sun was obscured by the smoke of numerous fires, casting an eerie morning light over the streets of Nairobi, Kenya. The scene from my third floor hotel room was one of complete devastation. Car windows were smashed, buildings were riddled with bullets, stores were ransacked, and dead bodies lay in the streets. After 19 years of peace, the city of Nairobi was caught in the crossfire of a bloody coup between rival military powers attempting to overthrow the government.
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